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This is not for the fans.....I only came to dance.
July 28, 2010 11:45 AM PDT

This is a mix of some b-sides and early songs. All songs by Comысhrist.

Red Signal
The Line to the Dead
History of Madness
Dead Again
Dawn Of Man
Jack Torrance
Vater Unser
Joy to the World
Another Corpse Under My Bed
Body: Part
God Warrior
HAL 9000
Shrunken Heads for All Occasions
God Wrapped in Plastic
Intruder Alert

My Life Mixed Up With The Thrill Kill Kult, pt. 4
July 28, 2010 11:42 AM PDT
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Their classic industrial-funk sound.

The Devil Does Drugs
On This Rack
Do You Fear (For Your Child?)
Do You Fear (The Inferno Express?)
Nervous Xians
A Daisy Chain 4 Satan (Acid & Flowers)
A Daisy Chain 4 Satan
KTJ (Not as cool)
A Girl Doesn't Get Killed By A Make-Believe Lover.....'Cuz It's Hot

My Life Mixed Up With The Thrill Kill Kult, pt. 3
July 28, 2010 11:41 AM PDT
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The third is more techno-y

The Smash-Up
Lucifer's Flowers (ardcore mix)
Temptation Serenade
Farout 1
Hard, Fast & Beautiful
Sex on Wheelz (Danger Baby)
The Twilight Web
Sexy Sucker (Suck It)
Somebody New
Sexy Sucker (Thrust)
Final Blindness
Electrical Soul Wish
Delicate Terror

My Life Mixed Up With The Thrill Kill Kult, pt. 2
July 28, 2010 08:58 AM PDT

The second is their industrial-disco sound.

The Days of Swine & Roses (KMFDM)
Ride the Mindway
Flesh Playhouse (Eat You Up)
Disko Fleshpot
Dream Baby
Continental Touch
Waiting for Mommie

My Life Mixed Up With The Thrill Kill Kult, pt. 1
July 28, 2010 08:47 AM PDT

This was my first mix which I did awhile ago. It was over two hours long, so I've edited each song down to something more manageable, I think it works well. This first segment is mostly remixes.

Confessions of a Knife, Theme Pt. 2
Asylum Disciple (Set It Free)
Leathersex (Where's the Action?)
Dirty Little Secrets (Kiss the Boys)
Hour of Zero (On Fire)
Temptation Serenade (Bombasic)
Radio Silicon (Consumed)
Temptation Serenade (Smell the Heel)

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